Podcast Topics

Podcast Topics

Links to both the Audio Podcasts and Written Essays for each topic.

1. Introduction to Epigenetics 

Psychiatric, Neurological, and other Disorders
4. Alzheimer’s Disease: Beyond Genes 

17. Neuroepigenetics of Epilepsy 

20. Navigating Rett Syndrome 

22. The Hallucinations Might Actually Be All In Your Head: The Neuroepigenetics of Schizophrenia

25. Micromanaging the Mind: microRNAs and Fragile X Syndrome 

28. The Significance of microRNA in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

33. Demystifying the Search for a Cure: the Epigenetics of Huntington’s Disease

34. Brain Tumors and Epigenetics

38. Neuroepigenetics of Alzheimer’s

39. How to Make the Killer Glioblastoma Cookie Recipe Edible

41. Epigenetics on the Spectrum: The Epigenetics of Autism

Mood and Anxiety Disorders
11. Through the Methylated Door 

12. Neuroepigenetics of Depression 

23. Don’t you forget about us: PTSD in women

24. Do You Feel Anxious? – The Epigenetic Inheritance of Anxiety 

Drug and Substance Abuse
6. Addiction Through the Lens of Epigenetics 

7. Neuroepigenetics of Drug Addiction: Marijuana 

13. Threatening Effects of Alcohol 

16.The Opioid Crisis and Epigenetics 

35. Epigenetics of Drug Addiction in the Midst of the Opioid Crisis

36. Nicotine: the crown JUUL of your child’s developmental impairment

Environmental Chemicals and Pollution
8. Neuroepigenetics of Lead: The Flint Water Crisis 

14. BPA: Not A-gouti Thing for You 

29. Lifting the Brain Fog: Chemo Brain and Epigenetics

15. Motivated to Get Food? Something You Learned Subconsciously 

30. A kingdom of ~Social Isolation~ and it looks like I’m the queen

31. Sleep or Study? – The Relationship of Neuroepigenetics and Sleep Deprivation

32. Your Epigenome Needs Sleep, Too

37. Neuroepigenetics of Physical Exercise: Whipping Your Genes into Shape

40. Déjà Food: The epigenetics of taste aversions

2. Mom’s Meals Made Me!  

5. Genocide and Genes 

9. Maternal Care 1 – A Mother’s Love 

21. Daddy’s Drinking Problem and Me 

26. What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger: Transgenerational Inheritance of Induced Defenses

27. Insights from the Family Tree: How Ancestral Environment Can Affect Behavior Across Generations

3. Treating the Aging Brain 

10. Maternal Care 2 – The Early Mother-Child Relationship 

18. The Future of Personalized Medicine 

19. Mind full, or mindful? – How Mindfulness Based Practices Affect Your Brain

42. Machine Learning and the Future of Epigenetic Research