Welcome to the Neuroepic podcast!

Welcome to the Neuroepic podcast!

These essays and podcasts are the final projects of University of Michigan students enrolled in MCDB 421: Neuroepigenetics, an upper division neuroscience class taught by Dr. Monica Dus.

Click here to read more about the project. We hope you will enjoy the essays and podcasts! Let us know what you think at TheNeuroepicPodcast@umich.edu

This website was built with the help of Anthony King from LSA ISS by: 

Alicia Speak, Brooke Baker, Caleb Vogt, and Sally Plank after graduation!

Here is our class!


From left to right, back row: Jalal Taleb, Steve Houtschilt, Jennifer Gottfried,  Dariahttps://neuroepic.mcdb.lsa.umich.edu/wp/ Tchessalova, Wei-Yu Liu, Alicia Speak, Neha Talihani, David Hayes, Mark Cohrs, Rosemary Matossian, Mark Shapses, Adytia Muralidharan, Sohrab Vatsia, Sam Cusimano, Karun Nair. Middle row: Erin Wolf, Sally Dillon, Ejona Korcari, Sally Plank, Jenny Chen, Monica Dus. Front row: Lisa W , Brooke Baker, Caleb Vogt, Lizzy Stevens.